Sustainable Crisps: Crunch Your Way to a Greener Planet

Sustainable Crisps: Introduction

Welcome to this week’s sustainability tip where, today, we’re diving into the world of sustainable crisps. You can learn how these seemingly small choices can make a significant difference in reducing our ecological footprint.

At Play It Green, we believe that individual actions, when combined, have the power to create real change. By consciously choosing sustainable crisps as our snack of choice, we not only make a positive impact on the environment but also inspire others to follow suit. It’s the cumulative effect of these small actions that lead to a larger, collective shift towards a greener and more sustainable future.

In this article, find out how the snacks we enjoy can impact the planet. So, let’s dive in and discover how each of us can be a catalyst for change!

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Sustainable Crisps: A History

In the mid-1850s, George Crum, an inventive chef, sliced potatoes paper-thin, crisped them to perfection, and seasoned them with salt, creating the very first crisps. Little did he know that this accidental creation would spark a snacking revolution!

As the popularity of crisps grew, so did the innovation surrounding them. In the early 20th century, Frank Smith, founder of Smith’s Crisps, introduced the concept of pre-packaged crisps in a bag. This ingenious idea revolutionised the snack industry, making crisps easily accessible to all.

One of the most memorable features of Smith’s Crisps was their iconic Salt in a Bag. Each bag contained a separate sachet of salt, allowing consumers to customise the seasoning according to their preferences. This interactive snacking experience further contributed to Smith’s Crisps’ immense popularity and became a beloved part of snack time rituals. Crisps (or chips in the US) are now one of the most popular snacks on the planet with over 6 billion bags being sold just in the UK each year!!

Sustainable Crisps - The world's first commercially flavoured crisps we made in a London garage
The world's first commercially available flavoured crisps were made in London

Meanwhile, a US study showed that Americans typically eat 839 million kg of crisps each year! With such a huge number there is always an environmental impact and crisps, due to several factors are not great! Read on to find out why.

Sustainable Crisps: Environmental Impact

When it comes to enjoying our favourite crisps, it’s crucial to consider their environmental impact. Plastic packaging plays a significant role in the ecological footprint of crisps. With so many packets sold each year, our favourite snack contributes to the growing global plastic waste problem.

The production process of crisps also has its environmental implications. From the extraction of oil used in manufacturing to the energy consumed and carbon emissions generated, every step leaves its mark on our planet. Additionally, the transportation and distribution of crisps contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Potato farming for crisps can have significant environmental implications. Intensive irrigation practices can strain water resources Not only that, but pesticide usage can contribute to water pollution and harm beneficial insects. Furthermore, the expansion of agricultural land for potato cultivation can lead to deforestation and habitat loss.

Crisp packets contribute significantly to the global plastic waste issue
Crisp packets contribute significantly to the global plastic waste issue

In the next section, we discuss what to look for when it comes to sustainable crisps!

Sustainable Crisps: What to Look For

Look for brands that prioritise eco-friendly packaging, reducing plastic waste and promoting recyclability. Better packaging can be compostable or recyclable. Buying larger bags is also more sustainable. It’s also worth noting that supermarkets can now recycle most soft plastic crisp packets as long as they have been cleaned.

By choosing crisps made from locally sourced ingredients, you can support regional agriculture. Not only that, but this will minimise carbon emissions associated with long-distance transportation. As well as this, opt for brands that actively engage in sustainable farming practices, such as water conservation, soil health preservation, and reduced pesticide usage. 

Additionally, it is worth considering companies that contribute to community initiatives and support fair-trade practices. This ensures a positive impact on local farmers and communities. By making informed choices, we can enjoy our favourite crisps and promote a healthier planet for future generations.

Sustainable Crisps Choose crisps with locally sourced ingredients
Choose crisps with locally sourced ingredients

Next up we showcase three of our favourite sustainable crisp brands. The research is done for you so you can simply click and snack more sustainably!

Sustainable Crisps: Three of Our Favourite Brands

Two Farmers

Founded in Hertfordshire UK, Two Farmers crisps are hand-cooked crisps that come in a 100% compostable packet. Their hand-cooked crisps are made using potatoes that they grow, harvest, store, cook and pack using renewable energy. Incredibly this renewable energy is generated on their farm in Herefordshire. Best of all, their crisps showcase some of the best flavours that Herefordshire has to offer. If you sign up to their mailing list you can receive 10% off your first order!

Sustainable Crisps Two Farmers Salt and Cider Vinegar Crisps
Two Farmers Salt and Cider Vinegar Crisps


Our next brand, Proper do things properly in all aspects of its amazing crisps business. From footprint reporting to increasing the sustainability of their ingredients, they are doing the right thing. Not only that, but Proper is a B Corp so you can be assured they run their business well. You can see their ongoing commitment on their website as well as their delicious range of crisps. Best of all, Proper is offering a 10% discount on your first order when you sign up to their mailing list.

Sustainable Crisps Proper Cheese and Onion Crisps
Proper Cheese and Onion Crisps


Our final brand is Spudos. This company does things differently and only sells large packets of unseasoned crisps. They sell the sustainable seasoning separately and you add it yourself, making the experience more interactive. Spudos love crisps, but they love the planet more! The company has taken every step it could to make its crisps as sustainable as possible.  From how they are produced, to how they’re packaged, distributed and shipped. Even its headquarters is an up-cycled shipping container. Best of all, our friends at Spudos have given Play It Green readers an exclusive discount to help them take another step toward a more sustainable future! 

Sustainable Crisps Spudos are revolutionising crisps in a sustainable way
Spudos are revolutionising crisps in a sustainable way

Simply head over to their shop now and use code PLAYITGREEN20 at checkout to take advantage of a fantastic 20% discount on their whole range!

Sustainable Crisps: That’s a Wrap

Well done to Two Farmers, Proper Crisps, and Spudos, we commend their commitment to a greener future. However, it’s the collective power of our individual actions, multiplied by the power of our community, that truly drives change. Each mindful snack choice, each small step towards sustainability adds up to a significant impact. Play It Green will continue to provide valuable tips and guidance, to empower everyone to make more informed decisions. Together,  we are taking another stride towards a more sustainable future.  A future where our choices create a ripple effect, inspiring others and fostering a world that thrives on conscious living.

Play It Green receives no financial incentive to promote our favourite sustainable brands. We do it because we like them and it’s the right thing to do!

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