Sustainable Inspiration: Eco News 14th August 2023

Sustainable Inspiration: Introduction

Welcome to Play It Green’s weekly dose of Sustainable Inspiration! Every Monday, we’re here to ignite your passion for sustainable living and bring you the latest news from the world of eco-friendly initiatives. Our focus is on individual and organisational changes that drive positive impacts. Furthermore, these impacts influence other businesses to adopt greener practices.

Read on for inspiring stories, innovative ideas, and inspirational changes to give us all hope for the future. Let’s be the change we wish to see in the world. Get inspired, get involved, and together, we can create a greener, more sustainable tomorrow!

Sustainable Inspiration: Finisterre Launches Wetsuit Rental Initiative

B Corp brand Finisterre has partnered with Hirestreet’s Zoa Rental platform to launch the Finisterre Wetsuit Rental program. The aim is to make eco-friendly Yulex wetsuits more accessible to surfing and body-boarding enthusiasts. Additionally, this supports the retailer’s environmental strategy.

“Yulex suits are a clean alternative to neoprene but they’re hard to access on a short-term basis,” explained Finisterre. By making Yulex wetsuits easier and more affordable to try, they hope more people will experience their performance and quality. With the ultimate aim of choosing a socially and environmentally responsible alternative.

The Yulex rental service includes free delivery, a full deep-clean, and a money-back guarantee for unworn wetsuits. Not only that, but if renters love the product, they have the option to purchase it at the end of the hire period.

Bronwen Foster-Butler, chief marketing officer at Finisterre, emphasised the significance of this milestone, stating: “From today, customers can choose to either purchase or rent one of our Yulex wetsuits. This helps to bring more choice to the market and hopefully one day, help move the entire industry away from neoprene and towards a more natural solution.”

Sustainable Inspiration Finisterre's sustainable wetsuit is more accessible due to their new initiative
Finisterre's sustainable wetsuit is more accessible due to their new initiative

Let’s ride the tide of change together and explore more inspiring stories in this week’s edition of Play It Green’s sustainability news. Read on and be part of the sustainable inspiration!

Sustainable Inspiration: Zoom EV launches ‘Airbnb’ for EVs

ZOOM EV has launched an eco-conscious online community, enabling electric car owners to share their EVs with others. All whilst earning revenue when their vehicles are not in use. With cars being idle for up to 95% of the time, this platform presents a fantastic opportunity to make money while contributing to sustainability.

Listing your electric or plug-in hybrid car is hassle-free, and comprehensive insurance coverage is provided by Churchill Expert, part of UKI Group. Owners can earn over £250 per month (equivalent to £3,000 per year) by renting out their EV twice a week for just two to three hours per session.

In addition, users can easily register, search for available EVs on the online map, and book convenient time slots. The process is seamless – pick up the car off the street or from the owner’s home, meet to hand over the keys, and drive away.

Greg Fairbotham, founder and CEO of ZOOM EV, emphasises the platform’s flexibility, convenience, and environmental impact. “It’s a win, win, win for the owner, the user, and the planet,” he stated. Join the eco-friendly movement, experience modern driving, and offset rising costs easily.

Sustainable Inspiration Zoom EV's new online community means anyone can rent their EV to other users
Zoom EV's new online community means anyone can rent their EV to other users

What inspirational eco news, and another example of organisations thinking in new ways to create sustainable solutions for everyone. If you want to see our final news to provide you with some more sustainable inspiration, please, read on.

Sustainable Inspiration: Infinite Renewables & Royal Mint Collaborate

Infinite Renewables has taken the lead in the UK’s green energy sector with its innovative Energy Centre launch at The Royal Mint in Wales. The Centre incorporates cutting-edge technology, including a 2MW solar farm and 2 wind turbines. In addition a hydrogen-ready CHP (energy generation) unit, and a dual chemistry battery energy storage system are to be built.

This revolutionary battery technology, a collaboration between GS Yuasa, the University of Sheffield, and Infinite combines lead-acid and lithium-ion battery chemistries. These batteries offer both fast response and endurance. Additionally, the centre provides economical and sustainable storage solutions for various services.

The Energy Centre also features a 2MW gas-fired CHP engine with remarkable efficiency, maximising power generation from gas consumption. Infinite’s Vestas 850kw wind turbines, integrated into the Energy Centre, supply power to both The Royal Mint and adjacent properties.

Andrew Crossman, Director at Infinite, expressed his pride in delivering the Royal Mint Energy Centre, stating: “This low carbon energy centre is a trail-blazing project that shines a light on the future of local, multi-technology generation and provides a blueprint for both commercial and domestic sustainable energy systems in a low carbon world.”

Sustainable Inspiration Infinite Renewables Energy Centre includes a 2MW Solar Farm
Infinite Renewables Energy Centre includes a 2MW Solar Farm

This inspirational sustainability news shows that what was once emergent energy technology is now becoming mainstream. Positive change is happening all around and we hope that by shining a light on things, it inspires you to make change yourself.

That's a Wrap

And that’s a wrap for this week. Three examples of sustainability inspiration from companies trying to do their bit for a greener and more sustainable future. Congratulations to Finisterre, Zoom EV and Infinite Renewables – three organisations taking a stand and setting an example for others to follow.

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