Sustainable Progress: Sustainability News for 27th May

Sustainable Progress: Introduction

Welcome to this week’s edition of Play It Green’s sustainability news where, each week, we bring you stories of sustainable progress. Our aim is to highlight the positive changes that often go unnoticed in mainstream media. We also want to inspire you, the members of our community by showcasing how innovative actions are making a real difference around the world. These stories are more than just news; they are sparks of inspiration, urging us all to contribute to a greener tomorrow.

So, please read on to discover the amazing changes happening and find out how you can be a part of this exciting journey towards a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Progress: Excel London Begins Carbon Labelling on Food

ExCeL London is taking the lead in promoting sustainable choices by introducing carbon labelling on its food menus. In partnership with Levy and Foodsteps, the initiative aims to inform visitors of the carbon footprint of their meals. By providing detailed emissions data for each dish, ExCeL hopes to encourage its four million annual visitors to make more environmentally friendly dining decisions.

Kevin Watson, Levy’s business director, believes that better data can have a positive impact on every service. This approach is expected to result in the creation of lower-carbon recipes and complement other sustainability measures at ExCeL, such as reducing red meat and offering dairy-free desserts.

The collaboration extends beyond menu adjustments, with other initiatives including increasing plant-based menu options, improving packaging sustainability, and reducing food waste. These efforts align with ExCeL’s certification as a carbon-neutral venue and its ongoing strategy to reduce emissions further by 2030.

Sustainable Progress Excel London is pioneering carbon labelling as part of its Net Zero strategy
Excel London is pioneering carbon labelling as part of its Net Zero strategy

By integrating sustainability into its operations, ExCeL London sets an example for the event industry and beyond. Stay tuned for more stories of sustainable progress, showing how innovation and commitment can drive significant environmental changes.

Sustainable Progress: Pepsico Announces First Net Zero Site for 2025

PepsiCo plans to transform its beverage plant in Álava, Basque Country into its first net-zero emissions site by 2025. This is part of the company’s broader commitment to sustainability, with a focus on eliminating nearly 2,000 tonnes of CO2 annually through complete electrification. To support this transition, PepsiCo will invest €5 million to replace natural gas with green electricity sources.

Archana Jagannathan, PepsiCo Europe’s Chief Sustainability Officer, expressed the company’s commitment to sustainability, stating, “This significant achievement for our Spanish plant demonstrates our determination to transition towards net-zero emissions across our entire value chain, leading the way towards a more sustainable future for our planet and people.”

PepsiCo is also implementing sustainability measures globally. For example, its Środa Śląska plant in Poland is adopting rainwater collection and rooftop solar, with the aim of achieving Net Zero by 2035. These actions are part of PepsiCo’s overarching climate strategy to reduce direct operation emissions by 75% and indirect impacts by 40% by 2030, ultimately reaching a net-zero target by 2040.

Sustainable Progress PepsiCo is aiming to have its first Net Zero site by 2025
PepsiCo is aiming to have its first Net Zero site by 2025

PepsiCo’s efforts demonstrate a pivotal shift in the food and beverage industry towards sustainable practices. As a global leader, PepsiCo’s ambitious goals inspire others in the industry to prioritise environmental responsibility. Stay tuned to learn more about our next story of sustainable progress.

Sustainable Progress: Ocado Trials Regenerative Farming in the UK

Ocado Retail has partnered with the Soil Association to trial sustainable agriculture practices at five farms in the UK. This collaboration aims to promote more environmentally friendly farming methods. The partnership will explore a range of sustainable techniques. Techniques such as restoring hedgerows and implementing diverse crop rotations, to improve soil health and reduce the reliance on harmful pesticides. Each farm will focus on different aspects, including dairy, beef, and orchard fruit. The farmers involved in the project will share their knowledge and training with others to encourage a wider adoption of these practices.

Hannah Gibson, the CEO of Ocado Retail, highlighted the initiative’s broader impact. She states that working with farmers who pioneer agroecological farming practices will have a number of benefits. These include an increase the quality, freshness, and sustainability of the food offered to customers. This statement underscores Ocado’s commitment to supporting local farmers and enhancing the sustainability of food production.

The project aligns with Ocado’s earlier efforts, such as the Best of British aisle, which promotes locally grown produce. The partnership will also include a ‘Farm to Fork Ambassadors programme’ to share success stories and encourage a broader shift towards sustainable food systems.

Sustainable Progress Ocado is trialling regenerative farming in a bid to lower its impact
Ocado is trialling regenerative farming in a bid to lower its impact

This collaboration represents a significant step towards integrating nature-friendly practices in UK agriculture. It aims to mitigate the environmental impact of farming and support economic stability. Great work, Ocado!

Sustainable Progress: Wrap Up

This week’s sustainability news focuses on transformative initiatives from ExCeL London, PepsiCo, and Ocado Retail. Each taking bold steps towards environmental accountability. ExCeL London is pioneering carbon labelling on menus to encourage sustainable eating. PepsiCo is advancing towards its first net-zero emissions plant in Spain. Finally, Ocado is promoting regenerative farming techniques across the UK. These stories demonstrate the commitment of businesses to not only adapt but lead in the quest for sustainability.

We hope their groundbreaking approaches inspire you, our community, to support and engage in sustainable progress. Join us next week for more exciting positive sustainability updates.

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