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Sustainable Success: Intro

Welcome to Play It Green’s weekly sustainability news where we dive into the world of “sustainable success”. Every Monday, we curate a collection of inspiring stories that showcase the incredible achievements of individuals and communities in driving positive change. From innovative renewable energy projects to impactful eco-friendly initiatives, we’re here to keep you updated on the latest trends.

In a fast-paced world where every action matters, staying informed is key. Our goal is to make sustainability accessible and engaging for all. That’s why we’ve crafted a friendly and easy-to-read roundup that highlights the power of community and individual efforts in shaping a greener future.

Are you ready to be inspired? Join us on this journey and discover the possibilities for sustainable success. Together, we can make a real difference. Keep reading and unleash the power of change in your own life and community. Let’s embark on this transformative adventure!

Sustainable Success from Terracycle

Get ready for a breakthrough in plastic recycling! Terracycle introduces an innovative solution to tackle hard-to-recycle plastics with its new direct-to-consumer bags. This sensational program empowers households to make a difference by easily recycling their plastic waste.

Through the “Zero Waste Bag” scheme, customers can order bags online and fill them with plastics that local councils don’t collect at the kerbside side. From crisp packets to cosmetics packaging and more, these bags accept a wide range of items. Returning the filled bags for recycling is convenient, utilising over 5,000 InPost lockers nationwide.

Teracycle’s specialised recycling facilities transform the collected plastics into remarkable products like outdoor furniture. In turn this overcomes the challenges of recycling them into new packaging.

While this scheme offers an easy and practical recycling solution, there is a cost involved. Small Zero Waste Bags are priced at £25, while large ones are £39. Purchasing multiple bags qualifies for discounts, helping cover delivery and waste processing expenses.

Sustainable Success - Terracycle's Zero Waste Bag enables the recycling hard to recycle plastics
Terracycle's Zero Waste Bag enables the recycling hard to recycle plastics

As the UK seeks a unified kerbside recycling scheme, retailers have introduced in-store soft plastic recycling points. It remains to be seen if consumers will choose TerraCycle’s “Zero Waste Bags” over these free options or if major retailers will join forces with TerraCycle.

Read on for more sustainable success stories that inspire and create a greener future for all.

Sustainable Success from Formula 1

Exciting developments are underway in the world of Formula 1 as the sport takes a momentous step towards sustainability. In collaboration with DHL, Formula 1 is revolutionising its logistics operations by using biofuel as an eco-conscious alternative.

As part of this initiative, 18 new trucks will be powered by hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO). This enables the European leg of the FIA Formula One World Championships to be delivered with reduced carbon emissions. This sustainable fuel option boasts an impressive minimum 60% reduction compared to conventional fuels.

Formula 1’s commitment to environmental responsibility extends to its ambitious 2030 net-zero target. Ellen Jones, the head of ESG for Formula 1, describes this transition to biofuel as a significant advancement for the sport. Recognising the global scale of Formula 1 and the logistical impact it entails, she acknowledges DHL’s crucial role in supporting this transformation.

The sport has also taken additional measures to address its carbon footprint. By optimising route efficiency through digital technologies integrated into DHL trucks. Formula 1 aims to minimise emissions related to the logistical aspects of the championship.

Sustainable Success Formula 1 is taking serious steps to reduce its footprint
Formula 1 is taking serious steps to reduce its footprint

This environmentally conscious approach aligns with Formula 1’s commitment to sustainability. By continuously striving for improvement, the sport aims to reduce its overall impact. As well as this it recognises that logistics contribute to approximately 45% of its carbon footprint. Next, comes your final sustainable success story of the week.

Sustainable Success from Severn Trent

Get ready for an inspiring journey through Severn Trent’s latest 2021/22 Sustainability report. The report is filled with remarkable success stories in environmental, social, and governance domains.

Richard Eadie, Head of Sustainability at Severn Trent, emphasises their commitment to transparency and meeting customer expectations. “This year’s Sustainability Report is brimming with case studies, showcasing the great progress we’ve made in addressing key challenges,” he says.

Looking ahead, Severn Trent’s focus on sustainability remains unwavering. Eadie affirms its ambition to deliver sustainable outcomes and has a positive impact on the planet and society.

The report highlights notable achievements, including planting 466,745 trees and enhancing 4,696 hectares of nature. Furthermore, it is transitioning 18% of company vehicles to electric, and supporting 215,000 customers financially.

Social initiatives feature the creation of 513 Kickstarter placements for young individuals. On top of that Severn Trent is providing free employability training for communities.

Sustainable Success Severn Trent release their impact report and it's great reading
Severn Trent release their impact report and it's great reading

In terms of governance, Severn Trent ranks highly in indices such as the Tortoise Responsibility100 Index. They also do well in the FTSE Women Leaders Review, showcasing their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

These accomplishments represent a fraction of Severn Trent’s progress. For the complete picture, access the full report.

That’s a Wrap

As we wrap up this week’s sensational eco news, we applaud the remarkable achievements of companies like TerraCycle, Formula 1 and Severn Trent in driving sustainable success. Their dedication to environmental stewardship, social impact, and strong governance sets an inspiring example for us all.

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