Sustainable Swimwear: Eco-Chic for a Greener Beach

Sustainable Swimwear: Introduction

In this week’s sustainability tip, we’re diving into the world of Sustainable Swimwear. We aim to help you embrace eco-friendly fashion and make a positive impact on our planet! Sustainable swimwear is the stylish choice that not only makes you look fabulous but also contributes to a greener future.

By choosing sustainable swimwear, you’re taking an individual action to reduce your environmental footprint. These small choices, when made collectively, add up to significant positive change. Let’s create a ripple effect that influences others to make better decisions for our environment.

In today’s article, we’ll explore the incredible benefits of sustainable swimwear and how it aligns with our commitment to protect our oceans and wildlife. Read on to discover how simple choices in swimwear can lead to real change. Join us in making a splash for sustainability!

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Sustainable Swimwear: History

From ancient times to modern trends, swimwear has evolved into a vibrant reflection of fashion and culture. In ancient civilizations, people swam in the nude, while the Greeks and Romans used draped fabrics.

Did you know that the modern bikini was introduced by a French designer, Louis Réard, in 1946? It caused quite a stir at the time due to its daringly revealing design, and many beaches even banned its use. However, it later became an iconic symbol of women’s liberation.

In the 1800s, Australian professional swimmer Annette Kellerman was arrested for wearing a fitted one-piece swimsuit that showed her arms and legs. This controversial incident led to a change in attitudes towards swimwear for women, paving the way for more practical and less restrictive designs.

Swimwear has also adapted to accommodate religious beliefs. Modest swimwear options are now available for various faiths that require specific dress codes, allowing individuals to enjoy the water while adhering to their religious principles.

Sustainable Swimwear has evolved considerably over the lst 100 years
Swimwear has evolved considerably over the last 100 years

Today, swimsuits come in a dazzling array of styles and materials, with designs catering to diverse body types and preferences. From retro-inspired one-pieces to high-tech performance swimwear, the options are limitless! Unfortunately, with limitless options, comes an environmental impact. With that in mind, next we consider how our swimwear choices connect to the health of our planet.

Sustainable Swimwear: Environmental Impact.

When you look at the environmental impact of non-sustainable swimwear, the impacts are eye-opening! Traditional swimwear often uses materials like nylon and polyester, derived from fossil fuels.

These materials therefore contribute to significant greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, the production of these materials requires vast amounts of energy and water, further straining precious resources.

Non-sustainable swimwear made from plastic-based materials sheds microfibers when washed, which eventually find their way into our oceans. When thrown into waste, the plastic based materials take hundreds of years to break down. Once broken down the plastics find a way into our water systems and oceans.

Packaging also plays a significant role in the issue, with excessive plastic wrapping and tags contributing to the global plastic waste crisis. Moreover, the transportation and distribution of swimwear worldwide add to the carbon footprint, with considerable emissions generated throughout the supply chain.

Sustainable Swimwear now comes in a huge variety of styles and materials
Swimwear now comes in a huge variety of styles and materials

Now, it’s crucial to be informed and take action to mitigate this impact. Read on to find out how you can make mindful choices and embrace swimwear that’s both fashion-forward and environmentally responsible. Together, we can protect our planet and create a brighter, cleaner future.

Sustainable Swimwear: What to Look For

When searching for sustainable swimwear, prioritise eco-friendly materials like recycled nylon, organic cotton, or Tencel, which lessen the environmental impact while keeping you stylish and comfortable.

Look for certifications such as OEKO-TEX or GOTS, ensuring ethical and responsible production practices. Embrace brands that prioritise sustainability throughout their supply chain, from sourcing materials to packaging and shipping.

Consider swimwear that is well made and will last, saving on waste and regular replacements. Additionally, explore options that prioritise local manufacture and distribution, reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation and supporting local economies.

Finally, look for swimwear that is made with environmentally dyes to make sure your bright colours don’t come at a cost. By making mindful choices, you can protect our oceans and reduce environmental harm.

Sustainable Swimwear can be made from a number of sustainable materials
Swimwear can be now made from a number of sustainable materials

Now, take the next step in your sustainable swimwear journey by exploring three of our favourite brands that embrace local manufacturing and distribution. Read on to learn how these brands are making a positive difference in the fashion world while promoting a greener and more responsible approach to swimwear.

Sustainable Swimwear: Three of Our Favourite Brands

Away That Day

Our first brand, Away That Day is a renowned sustainable swimwear brand dedicated to creating eco-conscious swimwear for the modern woman. Their designs blend style with environmental responsibility, using premium recycled fabrics derived from ocean-bound plastic waste and discarded fishing nets. Each piece is ethically produced, reflecting their commitment to fair labour practices. Manufacturing takes place in the UK and Europe reducing distribution footprints. Not only that, but their tags and packaging are all biodegradable. Away That Day is currently running a summer sale.

Sustainable Swimwear Away That Day Sustainable Capri One Piece in Jade
Away That Day Sustainable Capri One Piece in Jade

Mr Marvis

Our second brand, Mr Marvis is a standout sustainable swimwear brand, committed to both style and sustainability. Their swim shorts are crafted with high-quality, recycled polyamide, derived from post-consumer plastic waste like discarded fishing nets. Embracing a circular economy, Mr Marvis encourages customers to return their old swim shorts for recycling, minimising waste. With a dedication to transparency and social responsibility, Mr Marvis is making a positive impact on the environment. All done while creating swimwear that stands the test of time. Mr Marvis is also a certified B Corp.

Sustainable Swimwear Mr Marvis Poolside Sustainable Swim Shorts in Blue
Mr Marvis Poolside Sustainable Swim Shorts in Blue


Our final brand, Colieco is a standout sustainable swimwear brand, dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment. Their swimwear is handcrafted using eco-friendly materials like ECONYL® regenerated nylon, derived from discarded fishing nets and other nylon waste. Committed to ethical production, Colieco creates each piece in their Portuguese studio, ensuring fair labour practices. With a focus on inclusivity, their designs embrace diverse body types and offer customisable options. Colieco also advocates for ocean conservation, donating a portion of their profits to marine conservation organisations.

Best of all, if you sign up to their mailing list, you can claim a 10% discount on your first order.

Sustainable Swimwear Colicoe Ithica Longline Bikini in Sky Blue
Colicoe Ithica Longline Bikini in Sky Blue

Sustainable Swimwear: That’s a Wrap

Hopefully,  this week’s sustainability tip has shown us the power of making conscious choices when it comes to swimwear. By opting for eco-friendly materials, supporting ethical production, and embracing versatile designs, we can dive into a greener future. A special shout-out to our featured sustainable swimwear brands – Away That Day, Mr Marvis, and Colieco – for leading the way in ethical fashion and inspiring positive change in the industry. Let’s continue to make waves for sustainability and protect our precious planet one swim at a time!



Play It Green receives no financial incentive to promote our favourite sustainable brands. We do it because we like them and it’s the right thing to do!

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