Sustainable Towels: Nurturing the Planet, One Fluffy Towel at a Time

Sustainable Towels: Introduction

This week’s sustainability tip focuses on sustainable towels. Discover how using sustainable towels today can create a greener tomorrow. By choosing eco-conscious linens, we contribute to positive change.

Incorporating sustainable towels into our daily routines is a powerful step towards reducing our environmental footprint. By making this choice, we inspire others to follow suit, creating a collective effort for positive change. It’s about the ripple effect of individual actions leading to significant, tangible results.

Discover how this simple switch amplifies our collective impact on the environment. Let’s embark on this journey towards a more sustainable future, one towel at a time. Keep reading to learn how each choice adds up to meaningful change!

Towels: A History

Towels, those everyday essentials, have a fascinating history. Originating in 17th-century Turkey, towels were first used for ceremonial baths. The ancient Egyptians, known for their innovation, used woven linen towels.

Interestingly, towels were once a symbol of affluence.

They adorned the homes of the rich and served as status symbols.

In 18th-century England, tea towels emerged, finding their place in kitchens. 

Later, microfiber towels gained popularity due to their exceptional absorbency and quick-drying properties.

Fast forward to today, and May 25th is celebrated as National Towel Day, a tribute to the beloved towel.

Did you know that towels called peshtemal played a significant role in Turkish culture

They were woven pieces of linen or cotton and held importance in Turkish baths.

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Sustianable Towels A traditional Turkish Towel using traditional weaving methods and locally sourced Turkish cotton
A traditional Turkish Towel using traditional weaving methods and locally sourced Turkish cotton

The history of towels is rich and diverse, with each era adding a unique chapter. Stay tuned to learn about the environmental impact of non-sustainable towels and how small choices can make a big difference!

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Non-Sustainable Towels: Environmental Impact

Non-sustainable towels have a significant environmental footprint. Their impact begins with cotton farming, where vast amounts of water and energy are consumed. During manufacturing, chemicals and dyes are often used, contributing to water pollution. The energy-intensive production process adds to their carbon footprint.

Waste is another concern; at the end of life, towels end up in landfills, taking years to decompose. Their distribution also involves additional energy consumption and emissions.

The numbers are staggering. According to WWF, it takes more than 20,000 litres (5,283 gallons) of water to produce just one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of cotton. Which roughly equals ONE cotton bath towel. 

The fashion industry, including textiles, contributes to 20% of global wastewater.

But there’s hope. Sustainable alternatives like organic cotton and bamboo towels reduce these impacts. 

They use less water, fewer chemicals, and promote eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

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Sustainable Towels It can take up to 20,000l of water to make one cotton towel
It can take up to 20,000 Litres of water to make one cotton bath towel

To learn how to make sustainable choices and reduce your towel’s environmental impact, read on. Discover how small changes in your towel choices can make a big difference in our planet’s health.

Join us in taking action for a greener world, one towel at a time!

Sustainable Towels: What to Look For

When seeking sustainable towels, consider organic cotton options. They’re grown without harmful pesticides, making them gentler on the environment. Additionally, look for certifications like GOTS, ensuring ethical and eco-friendly production.

Bamboo towels are another excellent choice. Bamboo is highly renewable, requiring minimal water and no pesticides to grow. These towels are not only soft but also eco-conscious.

Recycled materials can also play a pivotal role. Towels made from recycled cotton or other materials reduce the demand for new resources, promoting circularity.

Pay attention to manufacturing processes. Towels crafted using environmentally friendly techniques and low-impact dyes minimise pollution and resource consumption.

Lastly, consider longevity. Durable towels reduce the need for frequent replacements, ultimately lessening waste.

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Sustainable Towels made from bamboo have a much lower environmental impact
Towels made from bamboo have a much lower environmental impact

To discover three of our preferred sustainable towel brands, read on. These brands prioritise both quality and environmental consciousness, making them ideal choices for a more sustainable drying experience.

Sustainable Towels: Three of Our Favourite Brands

Dip and Doze

Dip & Doze is a reputable sustainable towel brand offering luxury bath linens crafted from 100% organic and Fairtrade cotton. Their commitment to eco-conscious practices is evident through their choice of materials, which are grown without harmful pesticides and have superior water retention capabilities. The brand’s dedication to fairtrade sourcing and long-lasting craftsmanship ensures customers can enjoy soft, absorbent towels while making a positive impact on the environment. Sign up to their mailing list for £10 off your first order.

Sustainable Towels Dip and Doze Organic cotton towels are a great choice
Dip and Doze Organic cotton towels are a great choice


Slowtide is a sustainable towel company dedicated to reducing its environmental impact. They prioritise using the most sustainable materials and invest in fabric innovations to minimise their footprint. Crafted from sustainably sourced cotton, their premium bath towels are absorbent, plush, and stylish. Slowtide goes beyond industry standards, considering details often overlooked to provide the best product possible. With a commitment to sustainability and quality, they offer a range of eco-friendly towels. Sign up to their mailing list for a 10% discount on your first order.

Sustainable Towels Slowtide go beyond to make sustainable towels with conscious productions methods
Slowtide make sustainable towels with conscious production methods


Misona is a sustainable towel brand that places a strong emphasis on quality, sustainability, and style. Their towels are crafted with organic cotton, eliminating the need for pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. Bamboo towels are also part of their eco-friendly range, requiring less washing and low-temperature laundering, conserving energy. Misona’s commitment to sustainability extends to various sizes of towels, from face cloths to bath sheets. They are known for their dedication to producing towels that are both environmentally conscious and luxurious. Sign up for their mailing list to receive a 10% discount.

Sustainable Towels Misona bamboo towels are a great sustainable choice
Misona bamboo towels are a great sustainable choice

Sustainable Towels: That’s a Wrap

By choosing sustainable towels, we not only embrace eco-conscious living, but also participate in a collective effort towards a greener future. Every small action counts, and when multiplied by our communities, it creates a substantial impact. Our featured brands, Dip and Doze, Slowtide, and Misona, exemplify the commitment to sustainable practices, providing not only quality products but also contributing to a more environmentally conscious world.



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