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All businesses, no matter their size, have a responsibility to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions they put into the climate. One of the best ways to do this is to switch to renewable energy.


The climate crisis and depleting fossil fuel resources has led to a boom in renewable energy being generated. With this increase in energy suppliers generating from renewable sources, it’s become a lot cheaper for businesses to opt for a 100% green energy tariff.


Whether solar, wind, hydroelectric, or geothermal, choosing a green energy tariff means that your supplier will put the same amount of electricity you use back onto the National Grid from renewable sources.


This means that you are both increasing the amount of green energy used and the demand for it, meaning a greener fuel mix on the grid as a whole.


When you do look into a green energy tariff, though, it’s worth investigating the fuel mix of your supplier. Energy companies need to publish details about the source of their electricity by law, and some green tariffs are greener than others.


There are also fewer renewable options out there for gas: you can switch to a carbon-neutral tariff, or you could consider offsetting the gas your business uses.

Not only could switching save you money on your energy bills, as traditional resources such as coal or oil get lower and lower, you won’t need to compete with outrageous prices to power your business – keeping more money in your pocket in the long-term.


As a business owner, you also understand just how important the ROI of your purchases can be. While adopting a new renewable energy can be a pretty large investment, it will help you save a lot more in the years to come.


Switching to green energy could even help your business become an industry leader as competitors may not be using sustainable resources yet. The RE100, a “collaborative, global, initiative of influential business committed to 100% renewable energy”, lists 87 big brand names, including Google, Apple, IKEA, and BT.


Smaller firms are beginning to desire a greater renewable commitment also. In a report by Vanson Bourne, 100 SMEs were asked what they wanted from their energy supplier, and almost three quarter wanted them to be “more committed to supporting renewable energy.”


However, many of these companies have either just committed or have yet to start working towards their goals. Therefore, choosing renewable energy could be your competitive edge to differentiate your business and help you push forward and grow even more.

Being a sustainable business means more than fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mandates, it involves reviewing every aspect of your business through a sustainability lens. Switching to 100% renewable energy is a solid foundation to build on, will bolster your brand, and show your customers your dedication to our planet.


However, you may still be concerned about the time, money, and resources that it could take to choose the best green energy supplier. Catalyst Digital Energy are a B2B Energy Brokers and trusted partner of Play it Green who can provide you with a quote for your green energy needs.


You can contact them through their website, email (info@catalyst-commercial.co.uk), or by phone (0121 764 7171).


Energy and emissions is a part of Play it Green’s Net Zero Framework, free to access for all our business members to help them along their sustainability journey.


The Framework allows the businesses to review, plan and set actions in 9 key programme areas that will ultimately take them to Net Zero: Governance, Energy and Emissions, Food, Procurement, Transportation, Venue, Resource Use and Waste, Water, and Projects and Workforce.

“Companies that have shifted to renewable energy have reported a range of financial benefits, including lower corporate greenhouse gas emissions, increased energy diversification to hedge against fluctuating fossil fuel prices, and improved customer relationships and brand identity.”

– Richard Dickson, Co-founder, Play it Green

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Join Play it Green to enhance your business by: helping to repair the planet, reducing your footprint with sustainability tips and our Net Zero Framework, and giving 10% back to a good cause of your choice. Also get access to content and marketing tools to help your business grow.
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