Teenagers Fighting Climate Change

Teenagers Fighting Climate Change is written by Jake Oster, 17. Jake spent a week working alongside our CEO, Chris, to find out more about sustainability and what the industry is like. 

Jake finished his week with more hope for the future. Not only that but with a belief that we can all be the change we want to see in the world.

Current Teenagers Fighting Climate Change

Greta Thunberg was previously the name that would have come to mind when thinking of teenagers fighting climate change. Greta is now 20 years old and no longer a teenager. With that in mind, we ask who are the new young people 13-19 making a difference?

Teenagers Fighting Climate Change - Autumn Peltier

Autumn Peltier, 18 years of age is an Anishinaabe environmental activist and received widespread recognition for her work. 

Autumn has spent more than half of her young life working to bring clean water to the indigenous people of Canada. Not only that, but in 2018 she spoke in front of the United Nations General Assembly. 

Teenagers Fighting Climate Change - Autumn Peltier, 18
Autumn Peltier, 18

Teenagers Fighting Climate Change - Amy and Ella Meek

Sisters Amy, 19 and Ella,17  are the founders of youth social action group Kids Against Plastic. The determined sisters give TED talks and speak with leaders in the aviation industry about reducing their plastic footprint. 

As well as that, Amy and Ella also address politicians in the House of Commons and speak at the United Nations Young Activist Summit.

Teenagers Fighting Climate - Amy and Ella Meek
Amy and Ella Meek, 19 and 17

Teenagers Fighting Climate Change - Holly Gillibrand

Holly Gillibrand, 16 is a national organiser for Fridays for Future Scotland. As well as that, she is a spokesperson for Heal Rewilding and a youth ambassador for Scotland: The Big Picture. 

Furthermore, Gillibrand was named the 2019 Glasgow Times Young Scotswoman of the Year. She was also named one of 30 inspiring women on the BBC’s Woman’s Power List 2020. 

A true teenager fighting climate change!

Teenagers Fighting Climate - Holly Gillibrand
Holly Gilibrand, 16
Reduce Repair Regive

What Can Teenagers can do to Fight Climate Change

Many teenagers have climate anxiety due to not being in any positions of power. However, they can be part of the solution and be real teenagers fighting climate change.

Public transport: Taking public transport and walking is a very simple yet efficient change many teenagers can make. With that in mind, instead of asking parents for lifts, making this small adaptation helps reduce carbon emissions.

Speak to your parents:  This is daunting to some people. However, talk to your family about how as a household you can make small changes. Doing this together helps reduce anxiety and your household carbon footprint.

Conserving water: This can be simply taking showers instead of baths. A six-minute shower uses around 15 gallons of water compared to  70 gallons of water for a bath. As well as this, avoid leaving the tap running whilst brushing your teeth or shaving to save water.  

Unplug and switch off: Teenagers leaving devices on unnecessarily increases carbon emissions. Did you know that charging your mobile phone overnight for 8 hours is using 6.5 hours of extra power that doesn’t need to be used?

Jake Oster- Why I'm Writing this

My name is Jake Oster. I am 17 years old and writing this article as part of my work experience with Play it Green.

Jake Oster Article Author
Teenager Jake Oster, 17
Jake Oster Article Author
Exploring the environment

Marketeers deem me to be a Gen-Z based upon my age being in the range of 8 to 23. In many respects, my characteristics are typical of their research.

I am very worried about the future of the climate because there seems to be a new news story every day on how the planet is getting worse. Furthermore, there is not enough being done to solve this issue. We are very rapidly approaching the 1.5C target that was set. As a teenager, this will impact me my whole life. So as a generation, we need to do everything we can.

Finally, I have been very impressed by the work Play it Green is doing and see them as a valuable part of the solution. Send an enquiry to info@playitgreen.com to find out more. You won’t be disappointed. 

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