The 1000 Tree Challenge

April 2022 is Earth Month and Play it Green’s first anniversary!


To celebrate, we’re launching the 1000 Tree Challenge, to help everyone make the biggest social and environmental impact possible.


This year’s theme is ‘Invest in Our Planet’ and that’s exactly what this challenge is all about, utilising the power of community and social media to donate a total of £500 for our planet and the people on it.


For every £1 given, 2 trees will be planted and 10% of that pound will go to a good cause of your choice.


All of our trees are planted through our tree-planting partner the Eden Reforestation Project where local people are employed not just to plant but to care for the trees. This empowers women in the community and allows them to afford daily necessities such as food, clothing, medicine, and shelter.

Join the 1000 Tree Challenge

Our goal for the challenge is to get 120 businesses and individuals to compete, planting 120,000 trees and making 10,000 people climate positive for Earth month.


When you pledge, we will provide you with a full implementation guide and support pack including social media content and visuals to help you spread your impact.


Easy to implement and zero-cost to you, the 1000 Tree Challenge is an opportunity to get engaged and engage others in Earth Month, to show you really care about our planet and the people on it.


The challenge will officially launch on the 5th of April 2022. We recommend you run it for four weeks, but it can be run for any length at any time.


Completion of the challenge will give you full access to our support material to help you continue to lower your footprint, a digital certificate, and recognition on all of our platforms.


The first 10 companies or people who complete the challenge will also receive a free 100 trees in their Forest Garden!


What are you waiting for? Make an impact this Earth Month and sign up for the 1000 Tree Challenge today:

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