The Convenzis Group: Member in Focus

The Convenzis Group: Intro

At The Convenzis Group, our mission is to enhance the delivery of public-facing services in the UK NHS and Public sector. We achieve this by providing high-value strategic conferences that foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among senior managers and leaders from across the country. Through our conferences, we aim to facilitate meaningful connections and exchange of ideas, empowering professionals to drive positive change in their respective fields.

Our commitment to improving the well-being of the general public and supporting the invaluable work of public servants is central to our mission. We strive to facilitate discussions, promote innovation, and inspire visionary thinking to address the challenges and opportunities facing the public sector. By shaping the future of public-facing services, we ultimately benefit the general public and those dedicated to serving them.

We understand that the events industry can have a significant ecological footprint, and we believe it is our responsibility to minimise that impact. By partnering with Play It Green we aim to reduce our carbon emissions, conserve resources, and promote eco-friendly alternatives throughout our events.

The Convenzis Group: On Footprint Reduction

We prioritise the use of renewable energy sources, implement waste reduction and recycling programs, and partner with environmentally conscious suppliers. Our commitment to the green agenda extends to engaging attendees, sponsors, and partners in sustainable practices, promoting awareness, and inspiring positive change.

The Convenzis Group team enjoying their Christmas do
The Convenzis Group team enjoying their Christmas do

The Convenzis Group: On Reforestation

Over the past three years, we are proud to share that our conference and events organisation has planted over 10,000 trees, over 5000 of these trees represent a delegate that has attended an event in the past and symbolises our deep-rooted commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. These trees serve as a testament to our dedication to creating a greener future, mitigating climate change, and restoring vital ecosystems

The Convenzis Group: On The Future

Here at Convenzis, we remain steadfast in our commitments to the green agenda and net-zero strategy. We understand the importance of taking proactive steps to protect the environment and combat climate change within our industry. By implementing sustainable practices, engaging stakeholders, and planting thousands of trees, we are actively working towards creating a more sustainable future.

We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint, conserving resources, and promoting eco-friendly alternatives in all aspects of our events. Our goal is to inspire change, raise awareness, and set an example for others to follow. We believe that by prioritising the planet and incorporating sustainable practices into our events, we can make a positive and lasting impact.

Together, we can shape a greener, more environmentally conscious events industry, leading the way towards a brighter and more sustainable future for all.


Daniel Snape, Founder and CEO, Convenzis Group

‘As the owner of a business that organises public sector conferences, the net zero agenda is incredibly important to me. Hosting events comes with a significant environmental impact, and I believe it’s my responsibility to address it. By embracing partnerships with organisations like Play it Green, we can make a real difference by adopting sustainable practices and investing in renewable energy approaches. It’s not just about doing what’s right; it’s also about meeting the expectations of our clients who value eco-friendly initiatives. By leading the way toward a net zero future, I can inspire others in my industry and contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world for future generations.’

The Convenzis Group Founder & CEO, Daniel Snape
The Convenzis Group Founder & CEO, Daniel Snape

Richard Dickson, Co-Founder Play It Green

‘I am really proud to work with Convenzis Group. Dan their founder is a genuinely good person who prioritises positive environmental and social impact in his business.
He is leading the way both on a personal level with his charity work and on a business level. Convenzis Group is on its sustainability journey, doing things transparently and taking one step at a time.
The fact that Play It Green is ‘playing’ a part educating its team and providing the support needed to make the change is fantastic.’

Play It Green Founder, Richard Dickson
Play It Green Founder, Richard Dickson

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