The Tiny Housing Co. Does Sustainable Breaks

The Tiny Housing Co. launches off-grid breaks

We love this and if you love nature you will too – Play It Green’s partner, the Tiny Housing Co. is launching its very first off-grid location.

The sustainable accommodation is at Oak Apple Farm near Tittesworth Lake.

With breathtaking views of the peak district, the Tiny House is the perfect place to stay for anyone that loves the planet.

However, it’s not just because of the amazing scenery.

The Tiny Housing Co. makes sustainable housing that can be off-grid and due to the design is amazingly energy efficient.

Reduce Repair Regive

The Tiny Housing Co. uses a Modern Method of Construction

The company employs Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to create a truly sustainable, high-performing building that is expected to last 60 years or more.

Advantages include highly insulated, airtight homes that arrive fully prefabricated with fixtures and fittings.

This results in less disruption on the ground.

They use Triple Glazing as standard, which reduces energy bills by allowing heat to escape primarily through the windows.

Not only that, but it also provides superior sound absorption, giving the homes a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

The houses are also built to be airtight and close to modern home ‘passive house’ standards!

The Tiny Housing Co. uses modern methods of construction
The Tiny Housing Co. uses modern methods of construction

The Tiny Housing Co. houses are better for the planet

What does all this mean? A Passive House requires little energy to run and is typically powered entirely by solar panels.

Because they adhere to Passive House principles, their homes have been officially certified as an A-rated EPC buildings.

Meaning that it lowers operating costs and carbon emissions when selecting any of their homes.

The houses are also good for asthmatics as they use an airflow system that removes dust particles.

As well as that, the system reduces condensation and recovers 90% of the heat.

On top of that, they use sustainable well sourced timbers which all come from FSC-managed forests.

For their paints, they use ‘Tikkurila’ paints which are effectively zero VOC and are even used on baby furniture.

Add in off-grid living for their new ‘sustainable break’ destination and eco lovers have their perfect place to go.

The Tiny Housing Co. houses are better for the planet
The Tiny Housing Co. houses are better for the planet

The Tiny Housing Co. - What to expect when you stay

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by undisturbed rolling hills and signage directing you to the tiny cabin.

The tiny cabin is set back into the hills and has a campfire and outdoor seating for Smores and stargazing at night.

When you open the door, you’ll be greeted by an uber-stylish interior that will impress any guest and is ideal for romantic nights in or anyone looking for an Instagram-able experience!

The building and location are purposefully chosen to allow you to disconnect from the world, with no WIFI, TVs, or other electronic distractions.

Instead, you get to experience the beauty of nature both during the day and at night.

The location is a short walk from a lovely gastro pub and close to the beautiful Tittesworth Lake.

Furthermore, it’s only a short drive to Buxton and views of the peak district.

I want a break at a Tiny Housing Co. house, what do I do?

If you want to take a complete break from the world and go off-grid, you can book a stay at the Tiny House.

By heading over to their booking site, Flourish Stays, you can find out more and book some time to just relax.

Reconnecting with nature is good for the mind and leaving a tiny footprint when reconnecting is good for you and good for the planet!

Not only that, but a percentage of all profits go to Oak Apple Farm to help create a free food forest for the local community.

How’s that for a break with a positive impact?

The Tiny Housing Co. - Head over to the website to book your off grid stay


Dane Smith-Burchnell, Cofounder, The Tiny Housing Co.

“Our goal is to use smart design, paired with the best innovative technologies, to provide a cleaner, greener holiday home.

We believe that emissions and a more sustainable holiday are key to the UK’s carbon footprint goals.

That is why we are working hard to minimise waste, use solar to power our homes and use eco-friendly materials wherever possible.

A sea change is happening in the holiday industry.

We want to drive that change by helping people to be more conscious of their choices when selecting holiday accommodation for their next break.

Tiny Housing Company Cofounder, Dane Smith-Burchnell
Tiny Housing Co. Cofounder, Dane Smith-Burchnell

Richard Dickson, Co-Founder Play It Green

“I first met the co-founders of The Tiny Housing Co. at a tree-planting day at Oak Apple Farm.

It’s hard not to love what they are doing and I can see their houses being more than just staycation locations.

They could well help answer the issue of affordable housing.

Well done to Dean and Leanne for making something special.”

Green Park - Play It Green Co-Founder Richard Dickson
Play It Green Co-Founder - Richard Dickson

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