Tip #3 – Switch Your Coffee Capsules

Coffee capsules are very handy and fit in well with our fast-paced society. They’re convenient, simple to use, and consistently produce excellent coffee. The environmental effect, on the other hand, is disastrous.



In the United Kingdom alone, over 300,000,000 aluminium and plastic coffee capsules are used each year. And despite recycling systems being in place, the majority of them (up to 95%) head directly to landfill.


When it does happen, recycling is at best a complicated (and at worst, absolutely impossible) operation. Several layers of specialised materials are used to build the plastic and aluminium capsules. This is important since the pods must be able to endure extreme heat and pressure during the brewing process.



That’s where our friends at Halo Coffee come to the rescue with their Nespresso compatible, fully compostable, coffee capsules.


Halo believe that home compostable materials are the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.


Their capsules are made to degrade with little effort. They do not require specialised machinery and can be added to compost bins as is.


In fact, Halo capsules can degrade in as little as 28 days in a home compost and will break down into natural fertiliser.


Best of all, Halo coffee offers a wide range of exquisite beans from around the world and if you own a business, they even have a subscription service for that!


If you would like to try Halo’s fantastic sustainable coffee capsules, you can get a 25% discount on your first order by using the code TRYHALO at checkout.


“Britain is a nation of coffee lovers and with companies like Halo bringing sustainable innovation to homes that otherwise would be polluting the environment, we can all be happier in our next cup of coffee” – Richard Dickson Co-Founder, Play It Green.


Join Play It Green to become climate positive, help reforest the planet and receive tips and challenges to take your next step to a more sustainable future.

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