Tip #5 – Get rid of toothpaste tubes!

We all brush our teeth twice a day (hopefully), but have you ever considered how toothpaste tubes affect the environment?


Despite the efforts of some manufacturers to produce entirely recyclable tubes, the majority of toothpaste tubes are made of non-recyclable material and end up in landfills.


We’re getting better at eliminating plastic waste, and certain single-use products, such as straws, have been outlawed in a number of countries.


Unfortunately, when it comes to toothpaste, we’re always behind.


Globally, 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes end up in landfill a year, with the plastic in those tubes taking 500 years to decay.


In the UK alone if we spread every toothpaste tube used each year-end to end, it would come to about 75,000KM almost twice round the earth.


The problem is that toothpaste tubes are usually made of different types of plastics, and many brands contain a metal layer inside the tube which isn’t easy to separate.


This means that brushing your teeth every day adds significantly to the amount of plastic in landfills and oceans, but we can’t stop brushing our teeth, so what can we do?





Our friends at Smyle are on a mission to contribute to a plastic-free bathroom and their Smyle Brush Mints do just that.


Brush mints are a 100% plastic-free alternative to toothpaste.


The Brush Mints are completely natural and won’t harm the environment.


Their glass storage jars are 100% recyclable and when you are running low, simply refill the bottle with compostable paper sachet refill packs.


Their shipping is also CO2 Neutral so you can feel good about every stage of your purchase.



If you want to try a fantastic plastic-free alternative to toothpaste, head over to Smyle’s website and take advantage of a special discount using code PLAY15 at check out.


‘Anything that can reduce the amount of damaging plastic entering our ecosystem is a winner in my books. The fact that customers and dentists alike are leaving great reviews for Smyle means they are onto something great’


Richard Dickson – Co-Founder, Play It Green.


If you want to do your bit becoming climate positive, whilst learning how to reduce your footprint, you should sign up to Play It Green.


For Earth Month, use code EARTHDAY21 to double your impact receive a free month of trees when you subscribe.

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