Tip #7 – Change your laundry products

Everyone knows that washing on 30 degrees and drying your clothing naturally is far better for the environment than hot washes and tumble dryers.


But, did you know that even the detergent you use to clean your clothes has a negative impact on our planet and its ecosystem?


Laundry products cause a number of issues which we explain below.



The detergents that we use to clean our clothes destroy germs and keep us healthy, but they come at a high cost to the environment.


Perfumes, enzymes, and colourants are used in both detergents and fabric softeners, and these harmful chemicals often end up in bodies of water, endangering marine and plant life.


Your laundry products also come in plastic packaging that mostly ends up either in landfill or in the sea.


Whilst everyone does their bit and recycles plastic, globally, only 9% of all disposed plastic ends up being recycled.


Traditional detergents are also often tested on animals in a cruel and inhumane way.


You can have both effectiveness, sustainability and a product that doesn’t cost the earth with our friends at Smol.


Smol make high performance, eco-friendly cleaning products conveniently delivered to your home at the best price, guaranteed.


Smol also champion plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging wherever possible.


If not possible, they make sure to use post-consumer waste that’s fully recyclable or returnable for reuse or create bottles for life.


All the scents used in Smol products are made from essential oils, not harmful chemicals and in tests, Smol performed as well or better than all the main brands. Finally, cleaning shouldn’t involve animal cruelty and because of that, Smol is Leaping Bunny certified.


Special Offer: You can take your next step to laundry sustainability and take advantage of 8 FREE LAUNDRY CAPSULES by heading over to the Smol website right now.


‘Every small action we make is another step to a more sustainable future. Smol provides an excellent sustainable alternative that is cheaper and as good if not better than the damaging main brands’

– Richard Dickson, Co-Founder, Play It Green.


If you want to take a gentle, but effective journey to a more sustainable future, please, click the button below to become part of the climate solution.

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