United Nations Environment Findings Support Play It Green Methods

When Play It Green was set up, the founders chose to focus on reforestation, using natures own carbon storage machines, trees, rather than other ways of offsetting.


This decision has recently been supported by a report from the United Nations Environment.


At a time when biodiversity loss has been overshadowed by climate change, scientists said on Thursday that the ‘two concerns are intertwined, have similar implications on human welfare, and must be addressed promptly and  simultaneously.’


According to the report by the United Nations Environment, the destruction of forests and other ecosystems undermines nature’s ability to remove greenhouse gases.


With this natural protection lost, we suffer from increased dangerous weather patterns, an acceleration of climate change and an increasing vulnerability to it.


This loss of habitat has also seen the fastest ‘mass extinction’ of species we have seen for millions of year!


The rapid destruction of carbon-trapping mangroves and seagrasses, for example, both prevents carbon storage and exposes coastlines to storm surges and erosion.


This leads to coastal waters suffering from too much ‘surface runoff’ which is harmful to coastal marine life.


Hear about the impact of deforestation and how we are restoring what is lost with the CEO of Play It Green’s tree planting partner, Eden Reforestation Project.

The final findings of the report were that governments should ‘make policies and nature-based solutions a priority to address both issues of biodiversity loss and climate change’.


Incredibly, Play It Green already helps you as an individual, as well as businesses, sports clubs and schools to be part of that exact solution.


Trees to offset and active footprint reduction (plus Play It Green gives 10% of subscriptions to good causes).


The trees we plant for members in Madagascar are both Mangrove and inland trees.


These not only offset footprints but provide much-needed habitat to help lost biodiversity flourish again as nature slowly recovers.


The planting methods used by our partner Eden Reforestation project means that the trees also provide an income to local communities.


This means they are providing a better standard of living, access to education and a route out of poverty!


Two of the reasons Madagascar was chosen as our first planting site was because it has suffered over 90% deforestation and 75% of the species found there live nowhere else on the planet!

The endangered Madagascan Lemur - populations are now on the rise.

Our members don’t just help the planet with trees, but by taking advantage of our weekly tips, they are actively lowering their footprint!


With each step they take, they lower their impact on the planet and have a positive impact on other people’s lives.


Best of all…The United Nations Environment findings support what our members are doing.






‘”I have always been a believer that nature, with our help, would heal itself. That’s why we decided that replacing habitat through reforestation was the way to go.


Well, that and helping people reduce their footprint. To have this supported by the findings of United Nations Environment scientists is great news.”


Richard Dickson, Co-Founder, Play It Green.

If you want to take your next step to a more sustainable future, by planting trees, reducing your footprint with weekly tips and sustainable discounts, please, click the button above.


It takes two minutes and you will be joining a community that is making a genuine difference.

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