Warrington Wolves Join Play It Green to Become a “Force For Nature”

As part of the Wire’s aspiration to lead the Betfred Super League in sustainability credentials, Warrington Wolves will be partnering with Play it Green to help lower the club’s carbon footprint and enhance their environmental actions.


As part of their commitment, the Salford Red Devils game on Sunday 3rd July will see Warrington Wolves launch their initiative to raise enough funds to plant 3000 trees by the end of the season, along with an education programme for their workforce, and to use their activities as a vehicle for positive change.


Warrington Wolves Head of Commercial, Gary Wilton, said “This is an exciting opportunity to educate ourselves, our partners and fanbase on how to be more sustainable and collectively we’ll have a much stronger impact/ We have a duty as a business and people to make the future brighter for the next generation and take positive actions for the planet.


“Sport has huge influence due to its popularity and it is regularly used as a force for good in supporting many of societies’ issues, and there is arguably nothing bigger than climate change, so it is important we all do what we can. We hope to do this in a fun and engaging way so help attract new fans, partners and audiences to the club and sport. Play It Green provide the education, tools and know-how to help Warrington Wolves, and we are very happy to be working with them.”

Play It Green Co-Founder Chris Thair said, “We’re delighted to be working with Warrington Wolves and look forward to announcing an exciting matchday initiative soon.


“The club will benefit from our weekly tips and articles to help educate and create behaviour change, along with using our net-zero framework to help map out as a business how they can further lower their carbon footprint.”


Thair, the former General Manager of European Rugby League who also played for Warrington Academy in the early nineties added, “After two decades working in sport, I know of its power and influence in society, so the impact of Warrington Wolves taking more sustainable actions will be felt by many more people and businesses. This is extremely positive for the Wolves, the sport of rugby league and the planet.”


Warrington Wolves will focus upon delivering the five principles of the United Nations Sports for Climate Action Framework through their partnership with Play it Green. This includes undertaking efforts to promote greater environmental responsibility, reducing overall climate impact, and educating, promoting, and advocating for climate action and sustainability.


Play It Green help people, businesses, and the sports sector to become more sustainable through their unique three-step solution to climate change: repair, reduce and regive. Repairing the planet by planting trees, reducing carbon footprints through weekly sustainability tips, discounts and tools for business and, finally, helping ensure there is a social impact alongside an environmental one by giving 10% of all revenues to a good cause of the member’s choice.

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