Weekly Tip No. 13 – Try Sustainable Sanitary Products

Everyone knows that plastic waste is a big issue, with much of it ending up in landfill pumping out toxic fumes or in the ocean breaking down into dangerous microplastics.


But did you know that one of the major contributors to plastic waste is sanitary products?


Up to 90% of a menstrual pad and 6% of tampons are made of plastic.


One pack of sanitary pads contains the same amount of plastic as five single-use plastic bags and in the UK, the average user throws away between 125 & 150kg of sanitary products in their lifetime.


This means that yearly the UK alone generates more than 200,000 tonnes of waste each year, much of which is plastic.


A study of the UK’s coastlines in 2010 found 23 sanitary pads and 9 tampon applicators per KM for the whole of the UK!


In other words, traditional single-use sanitary products are harmful to the environment.

Plastic Beach Waste
Beach waste contains a large amount of sanitary products

So what alternatives are there for you to choose?


Reusable products are becoming more popular meaning the choice is now much greater than it was even five years ago!


One choice is a menstrual cup.


Cups have been around for a long time but were traditionally made in a none sustainable way.


Now there are companies such as Saalt which is producing ethical and sustainable cups.


Saalt believe reusable is the future and they have created cutting-edge period care products that are toxin-free.


Not only that, but Saalt are a certified B Corporation, and commit 2% of their revenue to donate period care in regions with the most need.


Another choice is reusable leak-proof apparel from Modibodi.


Designed to completely replace disposable pads, liners and tampons, it’s a better choice for the planet.


Their products have a purpose, are made from fabrics that feel good (and do good), and are an eco-friendly way to manage periods.

Modibodi reusable period pants

We love Modibobi at Play It Green.


Their products are reusable, made from sustainable materials such as bamboo and they make sure their supply chain is ethical and environmentally friendly.


If that wasn’t enough all your purchases will arrive in a compostable parcel bag made from GMO-free renewable plants and compostable resin.


To take another step to a more sustainable future, you can try Modibodi and receive a fantastic 12% discount.


Simply head over to their website and use the code AFFNEWJUNE at checkout.



‘Plastic waste is one of the worst contributors to the damage we have done to our planet. Well done to companies like Saalt and Modibo. By replacing single-use plastic-based products with sustainable, reusable, ethical alternatives you are helping people take another step to a more sustainable future.’


Richard Dickson – Co-Founder, Play It Green

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