Weekly Tip 69: How To Travel Sustainably

Summer is here! For many, that means summer vacation, too.


One in four are planning on travelling somewhere this season, and while vacations are fun and travelling can be unavoidable, it can have a terrible impact on the environment. In fact, transport and travel account for a fifth of global carbon emissions, which is why when you travel, you should take steps to ensure you’re doing as little harm to the planet as possible.


Here are a few tips to help you have a more sustainable journey this summer.

Travel by Road or Rail

It’s probably not a shock to anyone that aeroplanes are one of the most polluting ways to travel. If possible, travel by road or by rail to reduce your emissions up to 90%.


If your destination is too far away, there are other ways to reduce your emissions, even when flying. For example, take the most direct journey possible as most fuel is used during take-off and landing. Choosing to fly economy rather than business or first class also helps cut down on emissions.


Some flight search engines, such as Skyscanner, will highlight the greenest option available, making the decision as easy as possible.

Choose Sustainable Accommodation

The journey isn’t the only part of travelling with an environmental impact. Do some research on where you plan to stay to make sure it’s not harming local people or the planet.


Most countries around the world will accredit hotels and other accommodation for being green, so look out for badges, awards, and additional information on their website.

Bring Your Own Food For The Journey

People will often get a meal on their journeys, and it usually comes wrapped in plastic. Cut down on waste by bringing your own.


You can also reduce your footprint by choosing not to include any meat or, if you do eat on board, ordering the vegetarian option during your journey.

Plant Trees to Balance Your Carbon

Unfortunately, no matter how sustainably you try to travel, the journey will come with a carbon footprint.


Plant trees with Play it Green to rebalance the rest of the carbon from your journey and support local communities where they are planted.

Be The Climate Solution

Join the movement of people reducing their footprint, repairing the planet, and regiving to a good cause.

Bring Reusable Items

People tend to produce more waste when they travel, and big tourist areas can often be filled with litter.


Don’t be a part of the problem: pack reusable items such as a water bottle, straw, shopping bags and even zero-waste toiletries like a shampoo bar or toothpaste tablets.

Pack Light and Sensibly

Heavier planes and cars use more fuel, so packing lightly can actually cut down on emissions.


Another great way to reduce your footprint is not buying new clothes for your trip. Instead, wear the ones you already own, buy second-hand, or only from sustainable brands.

Limit Energy and Conserve Water

Even if you are cautious about energy and water usage at home, people often make less of an effort to conserve when they travel.


Keep the lights off when you’re out, take quick showers, and if you’re in a hotel, keep the ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door, so your sheets and towels aren’t washed every day.

Use Sustainable Luggage

While definitely not the biggest contributor to your journey’s footprint, why not ‘go the extra mile’ to make your journey as eco-friendly as possible and use sustainable luggage?


This luggage made from sustainable or recycled materials has been gaining popularity in recent years. You can browse a whole range of eco-friendly luggage from the Luggage Superstore here.


The first brand to offer sustainable luggage to the UK market as of the beginning of 2019 was Samsonite.

Samsonite’s vision is to become the most sustainable lifestyle bag and travel luggage company in the world. You can join their ‘responsible journey’ and explore our range of products using high-quality, sustainable materials that re-purpose waste and still look as luxurious and stylish as any other Samsonite case.


By increasing the use of recycled materials, they give waste materials a second life. Samsonite’s innovative products are made using their own post-industrial waste or post-consumer waste, such as recycled PET bottles and yoghurt cups.


Samsonite can also repair any accidental damage or wear and tear to your luggage at one of their 200 repair centres across more than 65 countries worldwide, meaning their products last longer.


Their also making efforts to reduce their footprint as a business, with the goal of reducing the carbon intensity of their operations by 15% and becoming completely carbon-neutral by 2025.


You can shop Samsonite’s range of eco-friendly products here.

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