Why Diversity is Integral to Sustainability

It’s Pride Month!


A time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and recognise the impact they’ve had on the world, as well as celebrate how far we’ve come as a society since the Stonewall Riots in 1969.


However, it’s also a time to reflect on the work left to be done to make the world not just tolerant, but truly accepting and inclusive.


Embracing diversity in all its forms will not just benefit those from marginalised communities, but all of us. It makes the world a richer and more interesting place and helps us grow and learn from people with different perspectives and backgrounds.


It’s also incredibly important in the workplace.

“I grew up in the gay community in Manchester and in my teenage years had more gay friends than straight. My best man at my marriage was a gay man and I have always celebrated differences in people. It’s sad that we are still facing the same challenges now that we had a generation ago, but there is light and there is hope and we must all keep supporting and celebrating LGBTQ+ people.”


Richard Dickson, Co-Founder and Head of Engagement

A more inclusive workplace is one where everyone feels like they belong, one where people from different backgrounds, cultures, religions, sexual orientations and gender identities are represented and feel heard.


These are things we intuitively know are good, but diversity is actually just better for business too.


Research by McKinsey shows that around the world, more diverse workplaces are more successful. Particularly when there is diversity in leadership positions.


This is because more diverse companies are better able to win top talent and improve their customer orientation, employee satisfaction, and decision-making, all of which leads to a virtuous cycle of increasing returns.

“Equality and diversity are topics which have always been close to my heart. Growing up as a disabled bisexual woman, I did face challenges and, for me, diversity means creating a better world for others like me, especially future generations. I’m proud to work for a company like Play it Green, who not only value diversity but celebrate it.”


Carys Burton, Head of Content

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At Play it Green, we also believe that diversity is an essential part of any sustainable business. At first, the two topics may seem unrelated, but a closer look will reveal how much they truly have in common.


Sustainability, at its core, is about building systems that will work for future generations, and that includes promoting diversity. On top of that, climate change and diversity are both fundamentally human rights issues.


Even the United Nations includes reducing inequalities and promoting diversity in their Sustainable Development Goals.


In terms of business practices, they also work very similarly, including incorporating them into every business decision and committing to business practices that promote them at every level.

“More businesses nowadays should make diversity a part of their business strategy. Each individual in an organisation brings diverse perspectives, such as religion, life experiences and cultural differences, to their work. As a team member who recently relocated to the UK, I feel so lucky to have a chance to work at Play It Green. It’s just proof to show how Play It Green truly embraces diversity.”


Jo Li, Marketing Manager

All in all, diversity is the future. The world is slowly growing to be more accepting of people from all backgrounds, and purpose-driven business leaders have a responsibility to lead the way.


After all, our goal should be to create a better world for everyone who lives in it.

“We have a small team which is diverse in terms of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and religious belief. This is a definite strength as we have more understanding of the people we work with, and our members and frankly it just makes it a much better place to work.


For all the diversity we find common purpose in what we are trying to achieve at Play it Green and certainly share the same values of respect, kindness and courage. We have a diverse team of staff and a diverse membership for which I am extremely proud. Long may it continue.”


Chris Thair, Co-Founder and CEO

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