Why Education is Critical for Sustainability

Why Education is Critical for Sustainability

To solve climate change, we all need to live more sustainably. 

However, that can be easier said than done.

Most people know to recycle or turn the lights off, but have no idea what to do next to lower their footprint.

On top of that, a lot of messaging around the climate crisis is incredibly pessimistic.

While a sense of urgency can motivate people if we talk too much about the negative consequences people become disheartened.

People are left wondering what the point is of doing anything at all and that’s why education is critical for sustainability and change.

Educational content written by Carys Burton 

Why Education is Critical for Sustainability Author Carys Burton

Why Education is Critical to Reduce Climate Anxiety

If we’re already so far along, and the role they have as one individual is so small, then what’s the point?

This is known as climate anxiety and can be seriously detrimental not only to mental health but to the ability to take action.

While people may feel that the problem is too big or nothing they can do will help, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Every single person taking action and reducing their footprint matters.

They just need to know what actions to take.

And that is where education is critical for sustainability.

Educating people about climate change can help them understand its causes and consequences.

It empowers them to take appropriate climate action, and, if necessary, prepares them to live with its impacts.

On a larger scale, climate change education can help people build more sustainable and resilient communities.

Education helps policymakers understand the importance and urgency of creating infrastructure and mechanisms to help combat climate change.

However, climate education also works down to the individual level, inspiring people to take control of their own lives.

By reducing the fear and anxiety surrounding the climate crisis. people know that they do have the ability to change and those changes can make a difference.

Education on 3 step solution to sustainability

Education Impacts on Behaviour Change

Even the United Nations recognises the importance of climate education, calling it a ‘critical agent’ when it comes to the issue of climate change.

It’s important to remember that the ‘education’ doesn’t have to be difficult or involve many hours of research on the individual’s part.

Why Education is important for behaviour change

Any information that makes you more aware of the issues will naturally affect your behaviour in the world and as a consumer.

As well as education affecting people’s behaviour and helping them lead more climate-positive lives, it can also inspire others around them.

While the scale of the climate crisis can be daunting, small bits of information on how you can make changes in your life can help you feel as though you are making a difference.

It stops people from being stuck on not knowing what to do or being too overwhelmed to act.

At Play it Green, we strongly believe in the value education has towards solving the climate crisis.

Why Education is the solution to Sustainability

Education to Reduce Footprints

Step one of our 3-step solution is to reduce your footprint, which we help people work towards through our weekly tips.

These provide important education the climate impact of some common household and business practices and provide more sustainable alternatives.

We even provide discounts on environmentally-friendly products to make taking that next step a little bit easier.

For businesses, we do even more.

They are provided with a sustainability framework and access to a network of sustainability experts helping them learn, grow, and reduce their impact.

We also know that everyday people can have a huge impact in inspiring and engaging others.

Play It Green encourage all our members to share their sustainability journeys.

The online Forest Garden allows just that with its sharing functionality engaging others in sustainable change.

Businesses are also provided with sustainability badges, such as the Climate Positive Workforce, to showcase their efforts.

Alone, our climate impact is small but, by seeing why education is critical for sustainability and inspiring those around us, we can start to create real change in the world.

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