Wing Take an Eco Step with Play It Green

Wing Joins Play It Green

Amazing news today as the team at Wing has joined the Play It Green community.

Wing has created a sustainable solution to business cards that augments real-world connections and helps to bring people together.

The tech-based solution will help reduce the 23 million business cards that are thrown away each day and protect the 15 thousand trees cut down to make them.

Not only that, but Wing will be planting 10 trees for every 100 uses of their amazing business card replacement.

This means that by using a Wing business card, you are not only saving trees but planting trees.

On top of the tree impact, there is of course a social impact as 10% goes back to Wing’s chosen good cause.

We caught up with Wing’s Co-Founder and CEO Sina Sadrzadeh to find out more about Wing and what the future holds for them.

Please, tell us about Wing

Wing provides contactless networking solutions for companies looking to streamline their face-to-face business.

Our contactless business cards are eco-friendly and much more cost-effective than paper business cards.

They also make a great first impression at a networking event.

We’ve been featured by London Tech Week, Innovate UK and the BBC. Our products are used by some of the biggest names in business, like Deloitte, Samsung and NatWest.

Why is sustainability important to you and Wing?

Sustainability is the reason I started Wing.

Once I saw just how many paper business cards were being thrown away every year, I made it my mission to create an alternative.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Play It Green?

I was referred to you by one of Play It Green’s existing members, and after hearing more, it was a no-brainer to get involved.

By using our products, people are not only reducing paper waste but they are also planting trees.

This is perfect for what we set out to do when we launched.

We’re so excited to be playing our part in helping save the environment!

What does the future hold for Wing?

I want to get to the point where I go to a networking event, and I don’t see one paper business card being used.

The way that that’s going to happen is by steady growth and helping the environment along the way.

We’re really looking forward to working with Play It Green!


Sina Sadrzadeh, Founder, Wing

“We started Wing because we hated how wasteful and outdated paper business cards were. As time went on, we realised there are other fundamental problems with the way businesses network that hurt them. For instance, there is a lack of data available in terms of how impactful a business’ networking is. 

It is extremely difficult to calculate the ROI of event attendance and move prospects met in person along the funnel rapidly. This is where Wing is moving to now and with Play It Green, not only will we save businesses paper by using us. But for every 100 taps across our global userbase, we will plant 10 trees through Play It Green. We can then provide that data back to our business clients on how many trees they have planted through us!”

Wing Founder, Sina Sadrzadeh
Wing Founder, Sina Sadrzadeh

Richard Dickson, Co-Founder Play It Green

“I was introduced to Sina from Wing by our member Sam Watson from The Agenzy.

What they have done is find an innovative solution to a sustainability issue in business.

It’s really exciting that the company has chosen to collaborate with Play It Green to create more positive outcomes.”

Green Park - Play It Green Co-Founder Richard Dickson
Play It Green Co-Founder - Richard Dickson

Play It Green is a subscription service that helps people and businesses to go on a journey of sustainability.

Through our 3-step solution, we support footprint reduction, repairing the planet (through reforestation) and increasing social impact by regiving 10% of our turnover to charity.

Businesses get access to our Net Zero Framework, a network of sustainability services and support on the whole journey of sustainability.

Join for just £5 per person per month.

That’s a lot of positive impact and value for less than a coffee and a piece of cake!

Join Play It Green

And be the solution to climate change
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