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Wrestler Tim Strange x Play It Green

Professional wrestler Tim Strange has been with Play It Green from the start and travels extensively with his work. Standing at 6’6’’ and over 25 stone ‘The Outlaw’ Tim Strange is bad and controversial in the ring. Away from the sport, Tim is one of the most caring people around. Just don’t tell wrestling fans otherwise they might start to like him. 

Canadian wrestler Tim Strange, who now resides in the North East of England, has been in the ring since a young age. Doing all action cage matches and appearances on TV, Tim Strange has made his way through the European wrestling scene since 2002. A devoted father and husband Tim Strange is passionate about everyone doing their small bit to help the planet and local community. 

Tim read about Play It Green’s 3-step approach #reduce #repair #regive and was instantly hooked, signing up for a subscription in 2021 when the company launched. 

We caught up with founder member Tim Strange to find out more.

Wrestler Tim Strange looking mean
Wrestler Tim Strange looking mean (he's lovely really)

Please, tell us about the Wrestler Tim Strange

The wrestler is the same as the man I am. I could be your best friend or your worst nightmare depending on how you treat folk around you. I’m a family man, with old country values. 

I grew up in nature, fishing, hunting and taking long hikes through the woods. I love being in nature nearly as much as I love being in the ring.

Why is sustainability important to Wrestler Tim Strange?

It’s important to me because I am a father and young minds take in everything you say and do. As a father, I feel I need to set an example, be a good role model and engage positively on the environment. 

If everyone does their bit to help our environment then we’ll have a much brighter future and a more positive, more hopeful mindset.

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Why did you decide to sign up to Play It Green?

I knew Play It Green cofounder Chris Thair from our connections through rugby. He was speaking to me about Play It Green when it first started up. It sounded like an amazing project and if I could support a friend’s business whilst also helping the environment; it’s a win/win situation.

What’s big in Wrestler Tim Strange's life at the moment?

Pro wrestling is going great! The shows are packed, the fans are loud and it’s all amazing. I’m doing a lot of wrestling with WAW who feature in the film “Fighting with my Family” in Norwich. 

The biggest thing will always be watching my kids growing up. I have five, so it’s never a dull moment either on the road or at home.

What does the future hold for Wrestler Tim Strange?

Big shows are on the horizon and I have plans to do more international travel with wrestling in 2024. I’ll keep being bad in the ring and as good as possible out of it. 

I’m really proud to be a Play It Green member. The weekly tips and education definitely help and I’m doing some things differently as a result.

So it has helped reduce my carbon footprint. Like most people, I’m not perfect and I love the additional elements of the subscription.

Part of the money being used to plant trees and go to a local children’s hospital simply makes me feel good.

Wrestler Tim Strange about to land on a very unfortunate opponent
Wrestler Tim Strange about to land on a very unfortunate opponent

Feel free to plant 6 trees for £3 in Tim Stange Forest Garden by clicking on the ‘Plant More Trees’ button. He is still a few short of his target of 1,000 trees. 

Wrestling fans can also use promo code STRANGE when signing up to Play It Green. If you sign up on a paid subscription, then 2 additional trees will be planted in your new Forest Garden courtesy of Tim Strange. 


Wrestler Tim Strange

“Nobody is perfect however we all wish to self improve for our own self worth and for those we love. Play It Green educates me, encourages change and ensures I’m making a positive difference every month. It feels good to be part of the community and I’m proud to be a member. If anyone disagrees then they can step into the ring with me and feel the wrath of The Outlaw”.

Master of Disaster, Wrestler Tim Strange
Master of Disaster, Wrestler Tim Strange

Chris Thair, Co-Founder, Play It Green

“Tim was one of the first people to sign up to Play It Green and genuinely loves the service. I’ve seen Tim in a Board room doing business and fly off the top rope in the wrestling ring. He is always first class, we share many of the same values and I love everything about him. The Outlaw Tim Strange is definitely my favourite wrestler“.

Play It Green Co-Founder, Chris Thair
Chris Thair, Co-Founder, Play It Green

Why not join Wrestler Tim Strange and make a positive change?

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