Zest Promotional Get a Climate Positive Workforce

Corporate gift company Zest Promotional now has a Climate Positive Workforce thanks to Play It Green, joining a large number of businesses taking greater sustainable action and moving to net-zero.


The longstanding Manchester based business has supplied branded gifts for many businesses and corporations all around the world, as showcased on their website.


We recently caught up with Managing Director Antony Showman to find out more about Zest Promotional, why they joined Play It Green and what the future holds for the gift business.

Please, tell us a little about Zest Promotional?

We are suppliers of branded promotional products which we feel play a vital part in telling your brand story and identity.


Our extensive range of gifts coupled with our personalised account management has led to many long-standing relationships that we are always building upon.


Sometimes clients know exactly what they require and others like to explore the options. So people can make informed choices in the first meetings we talk through the products providing quotes, samples and visuals.

Antony Showman, Managing Director, Zest Promotional

In recent years there has been huge movement towards more sustainable products and these are now some of our best sellers. We feel branded goods help promote the company to customers, employees and business partners, and the type of goods definitely tells its own story, so it is very important they are both impactful and useful to the end user.


We’re experienced in what we do, have a loyal customer base and just like Play It Green want to help you grow as a business and make an impact.

Why is sustainability important to you?

Sustainability is now in every conversation we are having with clients and suppliers from product materials and life cycle to packaging and distribution. It’s important that the business itself makes the same steps towards net zero and a more sustainable future.

Why did you join Play It Green?

We’ve been impressed with Play It Green’s depth of knowledge,  not just in their own business but how our business can improve our environmental impact and lower our carbon footprint. 


Their forest garden and support packs also made it easier to share what we are doing with our customers and suppliers which is essential.


We’re really proud to say we have a Climate Positive Workforce with Play It Green.

What does the future hold for Zest Promotional

We have made significant changes during 2022 so we are better positioned to focus on key accounts. We have also added warehousing, fulfilment, packaging, and international distribution in response to requests for an end-to-end solution from clients.


The demand for sustainable products has been answered by suppliers with innovative alternatives being offered. This includes notebooks made from apple peel, reusable drinks bottles made from ocean plastic and many products with listed raw materials traceable back to source. We are seeing far less plastic, certainly less single-use-plastic and more recyclable products and those made from recycled material. We only see this accelerating over the next few years.


These changes to our business and the products being offered will form the basis of our growth in the near future as more and more business look to Zest Promotional for their promotional products expertise. 

Be the climate solution… Repair! Regive! Reduce!

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