Merry Christmas and Thank You Video

Thank You Video From Play It Green Cofounders Chris and Richard

Play it Green cofounders Chris Thair and Richard Dickson deliver a thank you and Merry Christmas message to all friends, members, partners and supporters.

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The video celebrates how Play It Green has helped thousands of people and hundreds of businesses into lowering their carbon footprint through weekly tips, education and lots of net zero support. 

Whilst on that journey to net zero Play It Green’s unique subscription service and 3 step solution ensures all members make an environmental impact through planting trees and social impact by regifting 10% of sales to each members favourite good cause. 

Reducing Carbon Footprints

Play It Green’s subscription service focuses on lowering the carbon footprint of people and businesses. 

We give each person the know how, desire and impetus to change through weekly tips, discounts to relating products and education. 

For the business we provide best practice articles, a framework to map out your carbon footprint reduction plan, template policies, SECR and much more, including signposting to a host of providers. 

We have 5 star reviews and a portfolio of members

Repairing the Planet through Reforestation

Whilst being supported on your net zero journey our subscription service ensures you make an ongoing environmental impact through reforestation. 

Every £5 subscription will plant 13 trees per month. 

To date we have planted nearly 200,000 trees and we publish regular trees planting reports and all our purchase receipts to show they get planted and make a difference. 

Read our latest tree planting report

Repair The Planet Play It Green

Regifting Vital Funds to Good Causes

10% of every subscription and tree purchase through your members platform, we call a Forest Garden, will be regifted to your favourite good cause. 

This ensures members make an ongoing social impact, as well as their environmental one, whilst on their net zero journey


Twenty charities have been passed vital funds since we launched last year supporting everything from marine conservation, homelessness, cancer support and many more. 

Play It Green is a unique and powerful subscription service starting at £5 per month that helps make a big impact upon you, your business and the planet. 

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