Most Read Sustainability News 2022

Ripples of Change

Whilst the holiday season is upon us, Play It Green is celebrating the most read sustainability news from the last twelve months.

Sustainable change is created by individuals and then magnified by their communities.

Just imagine if something you did sent ripples of change across the world and potentially across the future!

Sustainability news is full of positives if you know where to look and all the positives start with people like you and me!

So, without further ado, here are the three most read sustainability news articles by our amazing supporters in 2022.

Our Most Read Sustainability News

Our first more read news stories come from only last week as the 19th December news proved to be our most popular of the year.

The news mentioned three exciting sustainability stories.

The first was from Canada where ex-Lightspeed CEO Dax Dasilva and Age of Union has just pledged $3.5 million of his own money to help fund Junglekeepers.

Next Dell Computers in the US is featured.

This comes after they announced a unique modular design laptop that can be completely dismantled in 30 seconds.

This is great news for circularity.

The final story from our most read sustainability news came from the UK where Air BnB had just presented their first ‘Most sustainable Host’ award.

You can read more by heading to the news article <here>.

Most Read Sustainable News

Second Place Most Read Eco News

Second Most Read Sustainable News

The second most popular news of 2022 came on October 10th and was read by only slightly fewer people.

The news came from Spain, where the Biological Research Centre in Madrid has discovered worm larvae that can ‘eat’ plastic bags.

Following this, SailGP from the UK received a mention for producing one of sport’s most comprehensive Purpose and Impact reports.

Finally, the last second most read news story comes from London UK where John Lewis the retailer announced a number of sustainability initiatives.

One of these sustainable changes was to plan a ‘buy back or take back’ initiative to be running by 2025.

Check out these articles in a bit more detail <here>.

Third Place Most Read News

The final most read sustainability news of the year comes from 5th July when we focused on the sustainability efforts of three drinks makers.

The first eco-news looks at the efforts of Fever Tree and All Bar One who are investing in more than 150 ‘Tiny Forests’ across the UK.

The next news story checks out Calsberg’s new Bio-Bottles designed to reduce emissions and improve recyclability!

Following this, we look at the efforts of Play It Green’s (then) newest partner – award-winning drinks maker, Didsbury Gin.

 Not only do they have a climate positive workforce, but the company is working on its footprint report and carbon reduction plan with Play It Green!

Check out our third  ‘most read sustainability news’ <here>.

Third Most Read Sustainable News

That’s it – a wrap for the year and all our top three most read sustainability news stories of the year!

Hopefully, our readers can be the ones we feature next year!

Remember, every sustainable action you take sends ripples of change across the world!

Here’s to the changemakers, innovators and sustainable ‘do-ers’ of 2023!

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